Limitless Potential

Network marketing effectively puts our product into the hands of people everywhere.

how it works

How To Earn

Because LifePharm products transform and improve lives, people naturally want to tell their personal stories to help others. These powerful, shared stories embody what Laminine and all LifePharm products can do for real people. There is virtually no limit to how much you can earn and how many people you can benefit.

The more LifePharm products you sell, the more you earn.

It really is that simple. And, network marketing offers a way to earn even when you are not personally selling products. Residual income is money you earn when the people you have enrolled also sell products. This means you earn commission on the sales of those you sponsored.

The more people you enroll, the more you earn.

As a result of the residual income system, the more people you enroll, the more you earn. When the people you enroll duplicate what you do—sell product, sponsor and enroll others—your business grows. As long as you enroll new people and they do the same, your business will continue to grow!