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Adrian V Mathews, US
28 Sep 2019 in 10:38:43
The convenience of Refive take anywhere Especially when Traveling

Just open the package and I get all my favorites at one time with simplicity. When I am traveling helps me not to miss my nutrition and keeps me balanced. Thanks LPGN

Lamiderm is a combination of Fertilized Avian Egg Extract, Marine Protein and Phyto Proteins, together known as the OPT9 proprietary blend. Laminine provides the body with the full chain of 22 amino acids essential for cellular health. When in the body, this amino acid chain then acts as a natural “adaptogen,” reprogramming adult stem cells to travel and repair areas of the body and mind that are most in need. It is a safe, natural dietary supplement made in the USA following Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) guidelines.

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